the odyssey project

The Odyssey Project



The Odyssey Project is a yearlong public performance comprised of 12 unique events that materialize in locations across New York City.  The works explore the steps of the hero's journey and reflect upon the millions of small odysseys that occur in the city each day.  Director Jenny Koons and her team sculpt each piece to individually respond to the character of the location--most of which are neighborhood parks--and the tenor of each community. This imbues a lyricism to an ordinary place and its quotidian actions—walking the dog, taking a child to the playground—offering respite from the frenetic energy of the city; for an instant, time slows down.  

Amid the bustling soccer fields of Flushing Meadows, or in the rhythmic waves of Brighton Beach, The Odyssey Project highlights the individual histories and transformations that brought the space, and the audience in it, to the present moment.